SOUND Cultural Reflection?

Today it can be difficult to subscribe to a specific style or aesthetic as taste and trend oscillate somewhat uncontrollably into new realms of what is truly and organically culturally reflective. Performance art seems to be the solution to this matter of artistically responding to the zeitgeist. In our current state of mass Internet inclusion … Continue reading

Paper cuts without the ouch

The Saatchi Gallery really is such a dream. Not only is it a rehydrating space of tranquil refuge during this tasty English summer we’re having but it’s also currently home to the diverse and inspirational PAPER exhibition.  Paper, as the now somewhat historical means of transmitting information [hello internet], is redefined or emphasised through its essential physicality in this exhibition. … Continue reading

Oops there goes my shirt…

During a recent cyber-stroll or rather quest for an out of London gallery jaunt, I stumbled upon the quite unique and imaginative space at Fabrica in Brighton. Housed in a spectacular old regency church in the hub of the city, the gallery uses its unique space to incorporate a wide range of installation art. While perusing the past and … Continue reading